The 2016 Season Is Winding Down

This weekend is August 27th and is the Season Championship night.  The races start about 7:30PM. You can watch the live video HERE! Feed should start about 7:25 PM EST. 

If you are using a cell phone or I-pad or Kindle, when you navigate to the view page, there is a link in bright blue for you to click that allows you to view the stream on your device OR you can buy the Puffin browser from iTunes for $4 and forget having to dork around with apps like that.

We really need your help to sustain this or this will be the last year we offer it. I am losing about $120 a night and I just can't do it any more. PLEASE! I need your help!!!! Donate here.  Thank you to all who donated July 16th!

If you have a Roku, you can watch by adding our channel by going to It's FREE!   If you have questions, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These folks have helped support us in 2016. Support those who support racing! Our main sponsor since 2003 has been Engine Pro of Grand Rapids. When you need parts, ask your engine builder to check for them at ENGINE PRO!



We still need a lot of help to sustain this. If you want to help, donate here.


Special thanks to Donna's Pine Hill Nursery, just a few miles from the track! 
Call them at 616.255.1090 - They take all major credit cards!