Do YOU Want Us in 2018? Read On

I'm receiving a lot of email asking about live video out of Crystal Motor Speedway. Ron Flinn ​even ​called me about this as well. This is a new link to watch! Check it out!

Sooooo... here's the deal. I can't do this out of my own pocket. I did that last year, and even with some excellent sponsors and three really nice donations from some really nice people, I lost my butt. I lost about $1800 last year and I won't do that again.

I'm not looking for sponsors because then I'm obligated to carry on regardless of how much money I'm losing. I need to have at least $115 per week to do this. I tried doing PPV and that fell flat on its backside. Our audience fell about 95%.

I have most of the equipment I need and we left everything in place there at the track. Setting up would take about 20 minutes.

So far, we have only had one race event and have the big two day Memorial Day weekend coming up. I'm leaving this up to the people that are emailing me about the 2018 season. If you want to watch the races at CMS in 2018, I need your support. I know I've said it over and over, but I did this for 15 years out of my own pocket at no charge. I can't do that anymore after my wife's last near fatal stroke.

If you want to get this going, YOU must help me. This season will NOT be a PPV. I've always known that PPV does not work. I've done this far too long and have seen PPV shows die on the vine. Every single time. I'm not trying to make a profit doing this... cause that would be a first I'm not sure my heart could take. (Just kidding...maybe.)

Donate some money, be it five bucks, ten bucks, Twenty bucks, or what ever you can afford. Again, this will not be a PPV. It will be a free stream. We have built a brand new and highly improved Roku channel that is now  a public channel. Just search for the channel under the name "Races On The Web" and install it. You will have to update your system to see it... and it will appear at the bottom of your channel list.

One more time. If this happens, it will be because people like you will support it. If it doesn't happen, it will be because people like you wouldn't support it. It will take me about twenty... thirty minutes tops to set everything up... or I'll just stay home. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but last year, I put racing before my wife and it cost me very dearly. I will NOT do that again. If the money keep coming in on a steady basis... again, I need $115 a week to do this. As Yoda said, "Do it or do it not." It's on you now. Here is where you can help do this. If you want your name here as a donor, I'll do that. What ever it takes... or what ever. I need to do this by Wednesday as I now live in the UP, a good five hours away, and I have all the equipment here.

 You can donate here.



Sometimes, we are asked to do something special for our racing friends. This video was done in memory of the son of a long time friend. We are honored to help a Father remember.

You can also watch on our Roku channel by adding our new & imporved channel by search for it on your Roku device under the nae "Races On The Web." It's FREE!   If you have questions, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We want to thank the people who have made the 2017 season possible. Engine Pro has been out main sponsor since 2003 has been Engine Pro of Grand Rapids. When you need parts, ask your engine builder to check for them at ENGINE PRO!

Tony Williams and TWI Services of Stanton return after joining us in 2016 and we thank them. We also welcome back Donna and Ray from Donna's Pine Hill Nursery. You can find them on their website or their FaceBook page. These are super nice people! Bill's Fireworks of Ionia is also a new sponsor! If you are looking for great deals on pyrotechnics, visit Bill's!   Paul People and his business, Great Lakes CBG has come aboard as well. Paul makes some really neat "Cigar Box Guitars" and we thank him! We also have Brennan Bowen of Bowen Insulation of Sheridan and Karen Grosnickle as an independent proprietor of Le-vel's Thrive products. I appreciate their support!

If you have a problem or want to become a sponsor, drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.